Thank you for your support of Primeros Pasos! Our work is only possible with the continued financial support of donors like you. Primeros Pasos relies almost entirely on individual, small donations and grassroots fundraising initiatives and we work hard to make these donations go as far as possible. If you have any questions regarding donating to Primeros Pasos – please contact us at
Your donations will be used to

  • provide reliable and affordable health care to adults and children in the Palajunoj Valley.
  • educate children about integrated health topics to encourage life-long healthy habits.
  • teach women to be health promoters in their homes and communities, improving the overall health of their whole family and community.
  • treat children with malnutrition and work with their families to create healthy homes, ensuring continued growth and health.
  • empower young people from the Palajunoj Valley to continue their education and become leaders who participate in improving their communities.
One-time or monthly, secure online donations can be made via credit card, debit card or PayPal.
We only accept checks from United States bank accounts. Please make checks payable to “Inter-American Health Alliance” and write “Primeros Pasos” on the memo line.Please send checks to:Inter-American Health AlliancePO Box 5518Washington DC, 20016
If you work for a company that matches employee donation, your contribution could provide even more support for Primeros Pasos! To take advantage of your employee benefits, either select the box “Would you like your employer to match?” on our online donation form, or ask your Human Resources Department for a matching gift form and mail it to:Inter-American Health AlliancePO Box 5518Washington DC, 20016
Primeros Pasos relies on the generosity of our volunteers and supporters to provide quality health care at the Clinic. Operations depend heavily on donations, both monetary and in-kind. If you would like to donate items but are not planning a visit soon, please first contact our Volunteer Coordinator James Tuttle at to be put in touch with someone in your area who is planning an upcoming trip. Please do not send anything via mail, UPS, FedEx nor DHL as the courier mail system in Guatemala is very unreliable. Please click the icon below to download the PDF version of our needs list, and please share with friends, family, and organizations to help gather much needed supplies for the clinic!
Primeros Pasos supporters are our best advocates when reaching out to new people. Instead of making a donation this year, why not get your friends and family involved? Create an online fundraising page for Primeros Pasos and reach out to your contacts about why you support us. Dedicate your birthday to Primeros Pasos and accept donations instead of gifts. Use your creativity, or ask us! We’ve got a ton of ideas to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Primeros Pasos & IAHA The Inter-American Health Alliance (IAHA) is a U.S.-based 501(c)3 non-profit that was started by former Primeros Pasos volunteers to support our operations. IAHA’s status as a tax-exempt organization allows U.S. donors to receive a tax discount on their donation to Primeros Pasos. IAHA fundraises for Primeros Pasos’ operations, provides organizational support, and coordinates donations of supplies. IAHA also works closely with other charitable U.S.-based groups and universities to develop sustainable relationships that help support the work of Primeros Pasos. IAHA is entirely volunteer-run, which means that the maximum amount of funds raised go directly to Primeros Pasos in Guatemala. To learn more about the work of IAHA, please visit

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