Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in Primeros Pasos! Each year we select committed individuals to serve in the clinic and dedicate themselves to the rewarding work we do in Guatemala. We seek thoughtful, diverse, and hard working volunteers. For every application, we consider the applicant’s volunteer and academic history, Spanish level, and enthusiasm.

To be considered for our Volunteer Program, please fill out the following application at least one month prior to your volunteer availability. All applicants will receive follow-up within one week.

  1. Name
  2. Home Phone
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Email
  5. Occupation
  6. Nationality (optional)
  7. Gender (optional)  Male Female
  8. Age (optional)
  9. Spanish Level  Beginner Intermediate Advanced Native Speaker
  10. Definitions of Spanish Level:
    Beginner: can speak in the present tense. can understand at least 25% of what native speakers say.
    Intermediate: Can speak, read and write in the present, past (preterite and imperfect), and future tenses (ir + a + infinitive construction sufficient). Understands most of what is said by native speakers if they speak slowly and clearly. Can interview, examine and treat Spanish-speaking patients without an interpreter.

    Advanced: can speak, read and write Spanish without needing to mentally translate most of the time. Can understand most of what is said by native speakers speaking at a rapid pace.

  11. Position in which you are interested:
     Medical Professional Laboratory Technician Children's Health Educator Nutritional Recuperation Facilitator Development Researcher Communications / Social Media Assistant Other (please specify)
  12. Please explain why you feel you are qualified to take on this role. Please refer to all relevant past experience, paid or volunteer.
  13. When would you be arriving to work?
  14. When would you be ending work?
  15. How did you hear about us?
     Friend / Co-worker / Family Member, please list their name below:
     Primeros Pasos Web site Facebook Twitter Idealist Event Other, please enter below:

  16. Please provide us with two references, preferably one professional and one personal:
  17. You may contact my references before contacting me:
     Yes No
  18. Please upload your CV or resume:
  19. Any other questions, comments, etc.
  20. I confirm that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge
    Signed: Date:


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