Meet Our Staff

Administration Team

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Arleth Mazariegos / General Director

Flory Mejia Custodian

Flory Mejia / Custodian


Flory has been working at the clinic for more than 10 years and is from the Palajunoj Valley.







Medical Team

Dra Francia

Dr. Francia Angel / Dental Program Director

Dr. Francia joined the Primeros Pasos team in 2014 as our Director of the Dental Program and Oral Health Project. She studied at the University of San Carlos and became a licensed dental surgeon in 2003. She works closely with nutrition and education projects and enjoys working with the children in the schools.








Marta Mejia Dental Assistant

Marta Mejia / Dental Assistant


Marta is from the Palajunoj Valley, the area where Primeros Pasos works. In 2009 she was trained at Primeros Pasos to work as a dental assistant.





Education Team

Scarlet Samayoa / Nutrition Program Director

Scarlet Samayoa / Nutrition Program Director

Scarlet, originally from Quetzaltenango, joined the Primeros Pasos team in 2014 as the Nutrition Program Director. She obtained her Bachelors of Health Sciences at Teresa Martin College with Cum Laude honors in 2007, and with that obtained the title of nutritionist. She works every week with women and their children in the Valley, specifically in the communities of Las Majadas, Xepache, and Chuicavioc. In her role as Program Director, she is dedicated to improving the quality of life for these women and their children through education, support, and nutritional guidance.




Dulce Mazariegos / Healthy Schools Program Director

Dulce Mazariegos / Healthy Schools Program Director


Dulce, originally from Xela, joined Primeros Pasos as our Director of the Healthy Schools Program in December 2014. Dulce has many outstanding credentials, including a degree in urban primary education and a degree in physical and occupational therapy. These qualifications have allowed her to work as a professional interpreter of sign language and braille, a special education teacher and physiotherapist.






Marisol pic

Marisol Menchú / Healthy Schools Program Assistant


Marisol, originally from San Cristobal, Totonicapán became a Program Assistant for the Healthy Schools program in 2014. She received her Masters of Rural Primary School Education from the Rural Office Mixed School (ENRO) in 2008, and later completed a degree in clinical psychology. In addition to assisting with the Healthy Schools program, Marisol is also piloting a project to care for patients with psychological problems.






Guatemalan Advisory Board

President / Juan Pablo Echeverría Pereira Vice President / Lic. Mario Edwin Morales Batz Secretary / Lourdes C. Archila Ruano Treasurer / Juan Pablo Muñoz Piedrasanta Vocal / Carlos Javier Antonio Valdez Pérez


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