Mobile Clinics

Our Mobile Clinic Project seeks to improve the health of people from remote communities in the Palajunoj Valley by assembling a mobile healthcare provider team and taking the care directly to the areas in need.

Since 2009, Primeros Pasos has been employing the use of Mobile Clinics to reach out to four distant communities in the Valley. These populations are isolated enough that travel to and from the clinic for health concerns and check-ups poses a hardship. Each year, our teams of medical professionals and health educators go out into these communities for approximately four to five days and set up temporary medical, dental and pharmaceutical stations.

Because primary schools are centralized points in the communities, Primeros Pasos uses these facilities as centers for operation as well as tools for advertisement. The team begins by giving check-ups and health lesson to the students, and over the course of the week, word of mouth helps spread the message and community members come in to receive treatment. Mobile Clinic patients have access to medical examinations and medications, as well as dental care and antibiotics for patients suffering from acute dental pain and decay. As the only source of dental care in the Palajunoj Valley, Primeros Pasos is working to make sure that all Valley residents have access to this important medical service.

Many of these patients will never be able to reach our clinic and it is only through this outreach in isolated areas that they will receive treatment.


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