Caroline Kock-Mathian

The project, the place, the people caught my attention a few years ago.  What was an idea, a dream, became a real project.  I volunteered for 3 months in the Clinical Laboratory and whilst working in an amazing environment, with the volcano Santa María in the background, I met incredible people.  I was amazed by how commitment towards the same goal, i.e. to improve the health of the indigenous communities in the valley, combined with the high professionalism, can make a strong and efficient team.  I particularly appreciated working with Irma, the Lab Head, who shared not only her technical lab expertise, but also her clinical knowledge.  This enabled close collaboration with the medical team to efficiently diagnose patients.  The Mobile Clinics were also an unforgettable experience as they offered field experience with direct contact with patients.  Finally, I enjoyed the collaboration between international volunteers and local staff, creating a pool of very innovative projects.  If you are ready to live an enriching Guatemalan experience, join Primeros Pasos!

Primeros Pasos