Meredith Wilkinson

During my time at Primeros Pasos I worked in the Nutrition Recuperation project with Scarlet. I was only able to spend about a month in the program but I learned a great deal by observing the program, interacting with the participants, and accompanying Scarlet in her daily routine.

Every day and every week in the Nutrition program is different which is equally challenging and exciting! During my time I was able to witness the normal program routine of visiting women and their children in their communities for nutrition-related workshops and the weighing and measuring of the women and their children.

I also had the unique experience of participating in a parade for International Breastfeeding Week! Walking from the clinic to Xepache, one of the communities in which Primeros Pasos works, we played music, held signs, and celebrated the most basic form of nutrition.

After the “desfile,” or parade, we gathered in the community room for a short program and a delicious lunch. This group of about 100 women passed a megaphone around the room and shared their name, in which community they lived, and what they most appreciated about the Nutrition Recuperation program. Here are some of the responses I remember:

“I love seeing Scarlet every week. She is so kind.”
“We have learned things that we didn’t know before. We are able to better care for our children.”
“I have learned new recipes so that my family can eat a more balanced diet.”
“I know more about how to safely prepare food for my children.”

Spoken directly from the participants of this program: The investments in these communities really do make a difference for these individuals and their families!

Primeros Pasos