Kiriam Escobar

There is a purpose and joy in helping children, and there is also a heartwarming feeling in helping them to improve their health. Volunteering as a medical doctor at an underprivileged community in Guatemala reinforced my desire to be a medical doctor and primarily care for underserved children. 

I was assigned to work in a multidisciplinary organization called Primeros Pasos in Guatemala. Many of the patients I treated suffered from gastrointestinal parasites, skin infections leading to chronic diseases secondary to malnutrition.

This experience helped me to realize the relevance of caring for the “whole” patient and I also realized how access to healthcare and preventive care can have a significant impact on an individual’s health. It also confirmed the satisfaction that I feel when playing an active role in the community as a physician, and helped me to establish a bridge to build the capacity to address health issues in a transdisciplinary way through medicine and Public Health in a community where the need is so great.

Besides the clinical experience, Xela has so much to offer. I am grateful that I could expand my horizons and decided to explore more the city such as hiking Tajumulco volcano. I was able to be involved in the beautiful community and met people from all around the world, learning their amazing culture. This volunteering experience helped me to grow in the professional, spiritual and personal way. Thank you so much to all the staff!

Primeros Pasos