Nutritional Recuperation

Our Nutritional Recuperation Project supports chronically malnourished children and pregnant women by providing medical and nutritional treatment together with health education, in turn improving family health and promoting healthy homes in the Palajunoj Valley.

imageIn 2012, Primeros Pasos started its first nutritional health outreach project targeting 25 families with chronically malnourished children in the Palajunoj Valley. Our initial strategy focused directly on the immediate treatment and nutritional recovery of children under five whom if left untreated would have detrimental and lasting medical consequences such as stunted growth and reduced mental faculties. Moreover, the parents were given practical knowledge and tools to maintain healthy and hygienic homes, which help sustain their children’s health for years to come.

Over the course of a year, all project participants grew to normal sizes, reduced their rate of parasitic infection, and showed signs of improved hygiene. Due to the success of the 2012 project, Primeros Pasos expanded and focused project objectives in 2013 to target pregnant women and children under two years in some of the most remote and vulnerable communities within the Palajunoj Valley.

Our 2013 project has three main objectives:
  1. To treat and prevent malnutrition in the Palajunoj Valley through nutritional treatment and holistic care that will be sustained past the project end date.
  2. To educate and empower women through nutrition and public health courses and training workshops so that families can benefit from improved awareness and knowledge of healthy and affordable dietary, hygiene and lifestyle choices.
  3. To ensure sanitary, stable home environments through the provision of resources such as potable water, smokeless stoves and sanitary latrines, so beneficiaries can fully benefit from the project treatment and education.
This comprehensive intervention not only helps families fight chronic malnutrition, but also gives families an opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives.
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