Our Programs


Primeros Pasos is focused on implementing programs that align with the sustainable development goals. Our programs primarily focus on bringing prosperous opportunities to women and children within rural communities of Palajunoj Valley; this is through providing them with medical, dental and nutritional care. Primeros Pasos is an organization that is determined to find sustainable solutions and help remove the social and economic barriers the women are confronted with.

Primeros Pasos Clinic

Our Medical and Dental Program aims to provide reliable and affordable local health care to all adults and children in the Palajunoj Valley through a walk-in clinic that is open every weekday.  These programs are focused on promoting a new perspective of healthcare and is aimed to decrease the amount of illness within Palajunoj Valley. Primeros Pasos understands the inequalities of access to proper health care for the indigenous groups in rural regions. Primeros Pasos offers medical, pharmaceutical and basic lab services and Primeros Pasos is the only dental provider in the entire region.  On average, our primary care clinic attends to 4,000 walk-in patients annually, and most commonly treats patients with respiratory illnesses, intestinal infections and parasites, malnutrition, dermatological issues, and hypertension. The medical team assist and monitors women with their maternal health through ultrasound, providing family planning and contraceptives, and giving midwife assistance

Community Outreach Programs

The Outreach Program targets four key rural communities of the Palajunoj Valley – Las Majadas, Bella Vista, Chuicavioc, and Tierra Colorada Alta. These are the highest need communities of Valley Palajunoj that endure a lack of access to necessary resources such as potable water and healthcare access. The Community Outreach programs are driven to address these issues and provide access to potable water and healthcare for rural communities. The programs main objective is to remove the social and economic barriers due to the inequalities of these rural communities, and improve their quality of life.


The program consistently aims to recruit women and their children under age 2 as well as pregnant women in order to target the first 1,000 days of life—known as a crucial window of opportunity for development beginning from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday. Because this unique period provides the essential building blocks for brain development, healthy growth and a strong immune system across a lifespan, it is vital that both mother and baby have proper nutrition during this critical period. In order to increase the audience, the program also accepts mothers with children under age 5 and any other adult community members wishing to participate. The outreach program intends to equip parents with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best start in life for their children

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Nutrition Program

The aim of the Open Nutrition Group is to educate community members on preventive health practices and provide parents with the practical knowledge and tools to maintain healthy, hygienic homes. Discussions, led by Monica, cover topics including school snacks, hygiene and food handling, hand washing and teeth brushing, breastfeeding, importance of vaccination and supplementation, diabetes, and family planning. The health education is tailored specifically to the rural communities of the Valley and addresses infrastructural obstacles to healthy living such as lack of nutritious food, unreliable transportation, and poor water quality

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Mobile Clinic

Through Mobile Clinics we strive to bring medical and dental services to the four vulnerable communities that lack access to healthcare and other resources such as water, ensuring that healthcare is equitably delivered throughout the Palajunoj Valley through interdisciplinary methods.