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vvvv Xelapages
Xelapages is an all inclusive website that provides tons of information for Xela’s continuously growing traveler population.  You can find information about Spanish schools, tours and treks, guide books, volunteering, bookstores, restaurants, real estate, night life, laundry, newspapers and tv, banks, travel insurance, buses, planes, and cars, internet and telephone, salsa and meringue, maps of  Xela, driving to Guatemala, rural Spanish schools, medical tourism, hotels and guesthouses, places of interest to visit in and around Xela as well as offering discussion forums on any of the above topics.


054cd486-4060-4f96-bf8e-f55ce593f794 Ditto Residential
Ditto Residential focuses on remodeling and redeveloping high quality residential homes in Washington DC neighborhoods. Their homes provide the comfort and reliability of a new home with quality architecture, walkable neighborhoods and the convenience of urban living.

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