Individual Supporters

Sustaining Donors

We are deeply grateful for our sustaining donors! Sustainers provide on-going, reliable sources of funding for Primeros Pasos because they share with us a commitment to improving the lives of the people living in the Palajunoj Valley. Each month, these generous individuals commit to a monthly donation, helping ensure that we can continue to provide access to medical services and health education. Become a sustaining donor today! It’s simple– simply complete our online donation form and select  “Monthly” donation instead of “One-time” donation.

  • Bryan Parr
  • Chad Cornish
  • Fred Taub
  • George Vogt
  • Hannah Miller
  • Harmony E Caton
  • Heather Axford
  • Ilyse Stempler
  • James Mckiernan
  • Joshua Barney
  • Julia Mosthaf
  • Kelli Scheid
  • Mohammed Qureshi

  • Sam Davidson
  • Stephen Arnold
  • Vanessa Kolbe
  • Braden Hexom
  • Edward Fischer
  • Eric O. Beam
  • Vernon Savoie
  • Paul Scott
  • Allison Gordon
  • Christopher Kunkle
  • Kathleen Smigielski
  • Martin Ditto


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