Partner Organizations

Web Inter-American Health Alliance (IAHA)
Through a rights-based, inclusive approach to health care IAHA fosters cross-sector collaboration and provides financial and technical support to establish self-sustaining Guatemala-based community health projects serving neglected populations. IAHA was founded in 2004 to provide financial and technical support to Primeros Pasos and additional health organizations in Guatemala. To date, IAHA raises funds to cover roughly 60% of Primeros Pasos’ operating budget each year.


DGH Doctors for Global Health
Doctors for Global Health (DGH) is a private, not-for-profit organization promoting health, education, art and other human rights throughout the world. DGH is comprised of hundreds of health professionals, students, educators, artists, attorneys, engineers, retirees and others. Together with Primeros Pasos, they build long-term relationships between people and communities around the world to find effective solutions to social justice issues.


entremundos EntreMundos
EntreMundos is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which supports and helps local community NGOs in Guatemala increase their capacities while respecting their principles and values. EntreMundos is an intermediary which facilitates and connects organisations and volunteers, both national and international, with the objective of maximising the impact of each organization.


Nurses Without Borders (NWB) Canada
Nurses Without Borders (NWB) in Canada is focused on sponsoring individual projects or group of international health and /or humanitarian students.  They support the logistical and administrative processes of their selected projects.  They advise students in the preparations essential to their projects and help find funding resources as well as international site to perform project studies.


QT Quetzaltrekkers
Quetzaltrekkers, a non-profit trekking company was founded in 1995 as a means of self-substainable, grassroots fundraising for the Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC), a school for street children in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. They provide guide services for various treks throughout the highlands of Guatemala, and the proceeds from these treks provide the main source of funding for their programs, EDELAC and Hogar Abierto, a home that offers a safe, abuse-free environment for children that either lack families capable of providing the same quality of care or have families living outside of a district in which basic education is available. Students from EDELAC and the Hogar Abierto receive free health care and health education from Primeros Pasos as part of our Children’s Health Education Program. Furthermore, Quetzaltrekker guides receive free first aid training from Primeros Pasos and in exchange Primeros Pasos’ volunteers get a 50% discount on treks.

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