Spanish Schools


There are many Spanish Schools to choose from in Xela, and sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. Primeros Pasos receives generous support from the following schools and highly recommends that you choose one of them to spend your afternoon hours of Spanish grammar and conversation. The schools are listed alphabetical order and all are valued equally.

Celas Maya

Celas Maya offers private lessons in Spanish as well as in K’iche. Their teachers all hold a university diploma in teaching Spanish as a second language and have various years of teaching experience. As one of the biggest Spanish Schools in Quetzaltenango, Celas Maya offers many activities like hikes and other excursions, has its own café and runs its own hostel.

La Paz

The small Spanish school La Paz is one of the oldest in Quetzaltenango. The school puts an emphasis on Guatemala’s social, political and cultural developments and includes them in their Spanish classes. It also offers various after-school activities like excursions, roundtable discussions, games and cooking classes.

Miguel Angel Asturias

Named after Guatemala’s Literature Prize laureate, this medium-sized Spanish school is run by certified teachers and is accredited by the Ministry of Education. Its courses are thereby valid for extra credits at some international universities. It also offers specialized courses like Medical Spanish and Business Spanish.

Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco (PLQ)

PLQ is Quetzaltenango’s first nonprofit educational collection. It lays a strong emphasis on social, cultural, political and economic realities in Guatemala and the rest of Central America. It offers additional lectures and trips and students can use the school’s extensive library.

Sol Latino

Sol Latino is located in the historic center of Xela, just a few steps from the typical Las Flores market. Sol Latino is focused on providing quality, flexibility, and personalized services. They offer different types of packages adjusted to the student’s wishes, including a range of specialized Spanish courses, i.e. for doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers and travelers. Their individualized method of learning (one-on-one) is tailored to the abilities, needs and knowledge of each student, and their instructors have many years of experience and are certified to teach the Spanish language. A wide variety of activities and excursions are offered each week.

Ulew Tinimit

Ulew Tinimit teaches Spanish as well as some traditional Mayan languages. Various activities allow their students to interact with Guatemalan culture. The school also offers specialized courses for students who are interested in medicine or business. Since the school is recognized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, their courses are valid for extra credits at some international universities.


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