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Primeros Pasos had a great first half of the year! We have expanded many of our medical services and added two new programs, Nutritional Recuperation and Scholarships for Continuing Education. So far we’ve seen over 4,000 patients in the clinic, including community members and students from the local schools, in addition to providing educational services to over a 100 participants in our programs.

With the help of our new doctor, the clinic is now offering our patients new services, testing and materials. Patients can now be tested for HIV, TB and strep throat without having to travel into Xela. Our entire staff also received a workshop on HIV and one person is currently being trained to be an HIV counselor, providing our patients not only with medical care but also social support.

Primeros Pasos is also expanding patient services by partnering with other organizations. The clinic hosted two Medical Campaigns last month, one for vaccines and the other for vision. Our vaccine campaign lasted several days and was facilitated by nursing students from a local nursing program in Xela. The vision campaign was a combined effort with international Cuban physicians and local ophthalmologists. In just one morning, over 100 patients received eye exams and low cost glasses.

Right now Primeros Pasos is visiting some of the most distant communities in the Palajunoj Valley through our Mobile Clinic Program. Our teams of medical professionals and health educators go out into these communities for approximately four to five days and set up temporary medical stations. Many of these patients rarely leave their isolated communities due to lack of transportation and resources. It is only through this outreach that many receive medical attention. Our first mobile clinic of the year saw over 300 patients in the distant community, Las Majadas.

We are excited to share our successes with you! Help support Primeros Pasos expand and serve more people by donating today.


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